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If you still need help having checked through the information below, you can contact the team at Midcounties via email at: emailtransfer@midcounties.coop

Whilst this migration is taking place we’re seeing a higher volume of support queries coming in, so please bear with us through this busy phase by allowing extra time for a response to your enquiry.

Why can’t I log in to my email account?

You’ve switched my account over to the new service. How do I use my new account?

After the switch: Gmail app on Android

After the switch: iPhone and iPad

After the switch: Mac

How do I use the new “SOGo” webmail?

Using SOGo: adding a distribution list

Using SOGo: recreating a distribution list

Using SOGo: change your name on outgoing emails

What happens to the email on my old account?

I have an email address with my own domain, can I use it with mail.coop?

Do I have to pay for my email service?

Can I keep my existing Your Co-op Broadband email address?

How do I pay for my subscription?

What happens if I have multiple email addresses that I want to keep?

Why is my email service moving?

Is mail.coop ethical and sustainable?

What features do I get with mail.coop?

What do I get for £24 per year?

What do I get for £50 per year?

Will this affect my broadband or phone services?