About mail.coop

mail.coop is a truly cooperative initiative, bringing together as it does the expertise of a number of highly experienced people and their cooperative organisations, working together to provide a modern robust email service.

The team behind mail.coop includes:

photo of Chris

Chris Croome – one of the founders of Webarchitects Co-operative in 1998 and is currently a systems administrator for both Webarchitects and Agile Collective. He is also actively involved with the CoTech network of UK tech cooperatives, and the workers.coop federation.

photo of Graham

Graham Mitchell – active within the cooperative tech space since co-founding an award-winning worker cooperative in the ’80s which rode the wave of digital disruption of the design industry. Moving into the online world was a natural progression, and Graham has since been working in the space where digital and cooperative worlds combine. Alongside Shaun and others, Graham is a co-founder of innovation.coop.

Kate Dawson – Kate is a member is Webarchitects Co-operative, and has worked in IT for 25 years supporting users in diverse environments ranging from delivering Internet connections at G8 protests, supporting communities getting online, to implementing corporate network infrastructure. She prefers to try to understand IT infrastructure from an end users perspective.
When she is not at the end of a network cable she likes to play the piano.

Liam – a founding member of MediaBlaze Hosts, a web hosting and Managed Service Provider cooperative, and has over 15 years experience in this field. He also works alongside other cooperative sector organisations, including workers.coop and Co-Tech.

photo of Shaun

Shaun Fensom – more than three decades’ experience working with Internet technology and in the cooperative movement. In the 1980s, Shaun co-founded Poptel, one of the UK’s first Internet Service Providers. Poptel and the National Cooperative Business Association in the US created the .coop top-level Internet domain, which now serves cooperatives around the world. Poptel merged with The Phone Co-op in 2003. Shaun now helps run Cooperative Network Infrastructure.