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Recent news about, including updates about the status of our systems.

  • Update 13 July
    Resolved: delayed outgoing email to Yahoo/Outlook/Hotmail Further to Thursday’s post, here is an update on the situation with emails being delayed when sent to Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail addresses. As of today, Saturday 13 July, our tests indicate that there is no rate limiting or delays to mail sent from’s servers to Yahoo or… Continue reading Update 13 July
  • Update 11 July
    Further to yesterday’s post about outgoing emails being delayed as a result of a compromised user account being used to send spam, further work has been done on this issue. Firstly, we have identified two further user accounts that have been compromised and abused. These accounts have been disabled. This places further emphasis on the… Continue reading Update 11 July
  • Update 10 July
    We’ve received a small number of reports from customers over the last 24 hours or so about delayed delivery of emails they are sending. This appears to be mainly limited to messages where the recipient address is at Yahoo or Hotmail/Outlook. Our team has been investigating the cause of the imposed delay, and we’ve identified… Continue reading Update 10 July
  • Update 26 June
    We’ve received reports this morning from customers experiencing problems sending and receiving emails. Our engineers are actively working to resolve this problem. Early indications suggest that our systems may be being targeted by a malicious attack, commonly known as a ‘denial of service’ attack or DOS. Update: Our systems are now responding normally, and customers… Continue reading Update 26 June
  • Update 29 May
    General update All systems are running correctly and Hotmail ‘Rate limit’ This has now been cleared Microsoft systems removed the rate limit imposed on incoming at approximately 7pm on 24 May. Background In our post of 24 May we referred to the ‘rate limit’ imposed on incoming traffic from users by… Continue reading Update 29 May