Update 11 July

Further to yesterday’s post about outgoing emails being delayed as a result of a compromised user account being used to send spam, further work has been done on this issue.

Firstly, we have identified two further user accounts that have been compromised and abused. These accounts have been disabled. This places further emphasis on the need for everyone who uses the service to:

  • Use a strong password for your account
  • Adopt a security-conscious approach in how you keep a record of your account password, who you might share that information with, and how you use your computer/smartphone/tablet especially when working online

Secondly, we are putting place additional anti-spam measures on outgoing email messages. We are confident that no legitimate users of our service will be adversely affected by these measures. However they are designed to a) severely constrain the ability of any malicious actor to send spam through a compromised account, and b) alert our team immediately when potentially suspicious activity is identified. This will enable us to respond much more quickly should similar incidents occur in future.

In the meantime please rest assured that we are actively working with third party mail service providers to reassure them that we have identified and resolved the issue that caused them to put delays in place, and enable them to lift those measures as quickly as possible.