£50.00 Premium Subscription  – 5 mailboxes with 25GB storage across all mailboxes


This subscription covers the initial period for one year from today. We will then ask you to renew.

Your preferred addresses

Please list all the email addresses you wish to order. We will contact you if any of them are not available.


Our Premium Subscription gives you:

5 mailboxes with up to 25GB of storage across all mailboxes, with access via our webmail client and via IMAP and POP3 for your desktop and mobile clients.

Our webmail platform gives you access to the following features:

Localised – Available in over a dozen languages.
Sharing – Share mail, calendars and addresses with other users.
Reminders – Set alarms to important events.
Recurring Events – Define precise recurrence patterns for your repeating events.
Delegation – Delegate access to your mail account to another person.
Notifications – Receive desktop notifications for events alarms and new mail messages.
HTML – Compose HTML mail with the inline rich-text editor.
Mail Identities – Define custom mail identities and associate signatures to your addresses.
Mail Return Receipt – Request or answer to return requests to confirm the arrival of messages.
Forward and Auto-Reply – Set an auto reply while on holiday or forward all your incoming mail to one or many alternate email addresses.
S/MIME – Sign and encrypt messages using your personal secure certificate.
Export/Import – Export calendars or import events from a vCalendar file.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – Protect your account from unauthorized access using an Authenticator app.